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Welcome to the Video to Share board!
« on: November 06, 2012, 10:58:10 PM »
Welcome to the Videos to Share board

If you want to share a video clip with our forum, this is the board to use. Note that the gear you use should in some way be related to Sony cameras and what you used should be listed. This is to assist other members who may want to learn.

Just post your video - the easiest way is to put it up on YouTube, and grab the share link (select the long link version - seems to be more reliable) from there, and then link it here using the YouTube button - .

As a general guide, you're likely to get more views (and so more feedback) if the video is not too long - a 30 second clip will be more approachable than a 10 minute epic!

If you'd like some advice or feedback on what you could do differently, or how you could overcome a problem you're having with the video, please be clear in asking for the specific feedback or advice you need. For example, you might want advice on composition, lighting, technique, editing, or any other aspect of your videography.

As a community we have a wide range of experience, and a friendly discussion can really help... The best way to learn is to ask!

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