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Title: 1st video with Nex 5n
Post by: airmikey on August 03, 2014, 10:26:47 PM (
Title: Re: 1st video with Nex 5n
Post by: chappo1 on August 03, 2014, 11:56:51 PM
Firstly Welcome to the forum Mike. We hope you will stick around and you may well get a few questions on "how to".
At first I wondered why there were was so much footage of a park, then it finally dawned on me that you were flying an arial device.
Nice smooth video so you obviously have the stability bit figured out.

I also watched one other video looking to ascertain what a tarot 650 was.  Hopefully the young lady you were buzzing is a "significant other" or you could be done for stalking.

What is the legality of these things in your area?  ....john
Title: Re: 1st video with Nex 5n
Post by: AScot on August 04, 2014, 08:33:41 PM
I agree with John, very well done and you certainly have it mastered. Just one little fault of which I am sure you are aware, do not pan in a circle at speed, it makes the viewer feel nauseous. :D  The spot on the lens is unlikely to be on the front of the lens, something that small would be out of focus by the time it reached the sensor. It is more likely to be on the sensor.

There is a lot of controversy over the use of these things (I know yours is a 4 prop chopper) especially close to airfields or where there are lots of people. If in the event that you lost control and hit someone, do you have insurance? Four props could do a lot of damage to someone's face for instance.

I think the young lady you were stalking was known to you as she appeared too nonchalant to be a stranger. Getting a release from a stranger you photograph and publish is a requirement of copyright law in many countries.

All that said, you have done a great job, both in controlling the chopper and in using your Nex 5.

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