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Title: Sports / Action tip
Post by: HappySnapper on October 23, 2006, 08:53:32 PM
Hi all this is a snippet from another forum, hope it helps those who struggle with the focusing delay on the 7D

Just found this setting for the 7D that has helped a little in getting more keepers for the 7D. Gary Friedman in his book wrote about it on Page 60 of the book. It is the "Release Priority" setting that will fire the shutter when you tell the camera to fire it. Out of the factory the default setting for the camera is "Autofocus Priority" which means that the shutter will not fire if "Focus lock" isn't achieved yet, and if you cannot get "focus lock" the camera will not fire. I've missed a lot of action with that setting in taking Sports pictures.
Now I use the "release Priority" setting which will fire the shutter even though the camera thinks you haven't achieved focus lock yet. What I typically do with the 80-200/2.8 lens attached since the AF is fast, as soon as the picture looks sharp in the viewfinder, I fire my shutter, and have gotten a lot more keepers this way. Just thought I'd share this little thing that I just found in that book. Here's how you set it up on the 7D - "You can invoke Release Priority mode by pressing MENU ��
CUSTOM (PURPLE) �� 1 �� Priority Setup �� Release. This is
always the default setting on my camera."
and like Gary I have set this as my default setting for my 7D. Hope this helps someone or alerts you to a setting that I don't think is common knowledge to all.
Title: Re: Sports / Action tip
Post by: Fud on October 23, 2006, 09:50:25 PM
Thanks for the advice - will try changing my settings
Title: Re: Sports / Action tip
Post by: fother on October 23, 2006, 11:17:43 PM

it's good advice - I changed this a while back when reading Gary's book, and several times I've been glad I did. :)
Title: Re: Sports / Action tip
Post by: xeroid on October 24, 2006, 09:28:33 AM
Ta, could be very useful that one, set and go ..