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Title: Indoor hockey arena photo advise.
Post by: Macca on January 15, 2018, 07:53:34 PM
So I’m typically a landscape kind of guy, however with my son playing hockey now I’m trying to get some good action shots. For those that go to the local hockey arena, the lighting is not great, plus your shooting through safety glass.

I don’t have much lense options to chose from. On my A700, I’m finding my Minolta 50mm prime lense is best. I shoot at 1/350, the camera is setting aperture to about F1.7. I leave ISO auto.

The pics come out dark but can boost the lighting in Lightroom.

I just don’t find the images very sharp, any tips would be welcome.
Title: Re: Indoor hockey arena photo advise.
Post by: chappo1 on January 15, 2018, 11:17:07 PM
Taking one point at a time-
I presume that you have the metering mode set to Multi which is where I would set it...but the scene would most likely equate to a snow scene or beach scene.
Therefore you need to set your exposure compensation at plus 1 or plus 2 stops.
(The camera is averaging the exposure to get its 18% grey).
That should take care of the need to lighten in LR and introduce noise.

At F1.7 you will have a narrow depth of field so where are you focussing and what is the focus area set to?  Personally I would set to Manual focus and choose a spot (area of the field) where you are going to shoot and wait until son is in that zone.

Now for the trouble shoot-
Is the unsharp due to the barrier or the technique?
At a break in play can you focus on the net area and shoot
Is it sharp?
Why not post a couple of your shots with the exif?  It is hard to visualise "not very sharp" without seeing an example....john