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Focusing Question
« on: January 14, 2018, 12:25:50 AM »
I'm a hobbyist photographer. I recently purchased a Cyber-shot RX10Mark 4 camera.  Twice now I tried to shoot a picture of something in the distance.  Small branches were in the foreground, and the camera would only focus on those, thus I could never get the shot that I wanted.  How do I get the camera to disregard things partially obscuring what I actually want to shoot?

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Re: Focusing Question
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2018, 01:23:11 AM »
Hi Leslie Welcome on board.  We hope you stick around.
I have copied in the section from the manual.  My suggestion is to set the focus area to flexible spot, then you can move the spot to the particular object you want the camera to focus on.
I am not sure what it is set to out of the box but probably  "wide"......john

 focusing area. Use this function when it is difficult to focus properly in the auto focus mode.
MENU →  (Camera Settings1) → [Focus Area] → desired setting.
Menu item details
 Wide :
Focuses on a subject covering the whole range of the screen automatically. When you press the shutter button halfway down in the still image shooting mode, a green frame is displayed around the area that is in focus.
 Center :
Focuses automatically on a subject in the center of the image. Use together with the focus-lock function to create the composition you want.
 Flexible Spot :
Allows you to move the focusing frame to a desired point on the screen and focus on an extremely small subject in a narrow area.
On the Flexible Spot shooting screen, you can change the size of the focusing frame by turning the control wheel.
 Expand Flexible Spot :
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Re: Focusing Question
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2018, 06:54:54 PM »
As you appear to be fairly new to photography, try the old tried and true method, Focus and recompose.

Using the centre focusing spot, stand clear of the branches and focus on the area you want in focus by half pressing the exposure button. While continuing to hold the exposure button (to lock focus), move over to the composition you want, then press the exposure button down fully.

There are many variations of this method and many will claim there are better methods. There are but they are much more complex and it depends on what you are phtographing. This is how it was done since the year dot! Perfect this Focus and recompose method then learn the other more technical methods.
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