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Title: Beach wedding shoot??
Post by: sparkie1263 on May 02, 2013, 08:01:08 PM
I have my first wedding shoot Saturday it is a beach wedding.  It is a favor for a friend. It is going to be at 2:00 in the afternoon. Any advice on how to handle the bright sun? Do I still use fill flash? I don't want to blowout the dress and under expose the groom. Or should I do a search how to do a rain dance???

Title: Re: Beach wedding shoot??
Post by: Rick on May 02, 2013, 08:51:46 PM
That is possibly one of the worst places and time for a shoot as people will be squinting, reflections from the water and harsh shadows, people will be wearing hats so a flash or reflector will be a must otherwise the faces mainly the eyes will be in deep shadow, backlight silhouettes though of the bride and groom should be quite easy, any available shade will help as long as it is not dappled, the position of the sun is going to be your main point to take into consideration and if it is a hot day you may have problems with your flash overheating, if you are using LR4 or the LR5 free beta then do not be too concerned about the blacks and whites and try to balance your exposure somewhere in between as you can recover the highlights and darken the blacks very well with these programs, the big group shots you will have no choice but to have the sun either in front  or behind ( so people squinting or a shadow falling in front with the smaller groups you have more flexibility you can position them more diagonally to the sun just making sure the shadow falls behind the person next to them so having each person just slightly more forward than the last if you position yourself correctly they will look like they are all in a line without the shadow falling across the next persons face hope that makes sense if you are lucky it will be cloudy or overcast,
 a good way especially in bright light is get everybody to close their eyes and on the count of 3 open this will give you a good chance of getting the shot without people blinking or squinting, ask people to remove sunglasses as reflections can be a nightmare, be positive when organising and getting people to look at the camera,
 The traditional way of organising the photos is to start with the bride and groom and work up to the large group, trust me scrap that idea do it the other way around start with the large group then the friends and that are finished first and can drift away working down until you are left with the bride and groom who are the ones who want the pictures and then you can spend the extra time at the end with them, this works really well rather than keeping everyone hanging about,
Title: Re: Beach wedding shoot??
Post by: sparkie1263 on May 02, 2013, 09:07:41 PM
It is a small wedding. The bride has a few shots she wants like them standing in heart in the sand. The other shot she wants which is going to be tough is her flowers in the foreground and them in the background with them blurred out a bit. I think it is going to be hard to shoot wide open with all the sunlight. It won't be too hot this weekend so I won't have to worry about the flash overheating.

Thanks for the quick response and suggestions.

I will post some images if they approve.