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I recently ordered this unit so I could use my older Vivitar flashes on my a330 and can't see any way to attach it to the hot shoe. Am I missing something or do I have to return it?

I had to use Google to find out what it was and discovered it's a device which mounts on your camera hot shoe between the camera and flash, to protect the camera from potentially high sync voltages when using older flashguns.

What has caught you out is that the A330 has the older Sony / Minolta iISO hot shoe - which has a different physical layout than the more usual ISO hotshoe.

You can get an adaptor (EG Sony ADP-AMA or Pixel TF-325), but that would end up with you stacking Adaptor - HSHSB - Flash, which is liable to be a bit precarious!

If you are instead mounting the flash on a bracket, and connecting from the HSHSB to flash via a cable then the stack or adapor and HSHSB may well be fine.

I see! Guess I'm not a dunce after all. Thank you so much.


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