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We had a camera club evening last week where we had to shoot using manual focus,  not a problem until!!!.   went to use my camera (A99II) yesterday back into autofocus  --------- um  what auto focus  -  there wasnt any -  couldnt get it to work at all,  checked all my settings ,  re booted the camera, changed lenses all to no avail.  And yes, i did check the lens wasnt in manual focus mode. This morning i drove three hours to the closest Sony repair centre ,   they had to do a factory reset of the camera which did fix it,  at no charge,  but i did loose all my saved camera settings so back to square one.  They dont know what may have caused it.   Has anyone ever had anything like this happen before?  just a bit concerned it might happen again,  although now i know how to fix it, it is still a major personalizing the camera again the way i was getting used to.    OOOPS   sorry posted in the wrong Forum

REX (aka TG):
Occasionally I will get this problem ...ones in every two -three mounts and I get it mostly with tele lens (70-200) (300G). I remove lens and attaché again and the problem goes but not hart reset.

I have also an A7II mirrolles and before a few weeks I couldn't move the AF sensors at all they were moving only in one direction and then I made also reset but the problem didn't disappear.

I removed the lens and attached again and problem gone.

Most of the time is connection between lens and body and we may better clean contacts regularly


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