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Minolta 3600 flash


I am considering getting this flash for my a330. My questions are 1) if attached to the cameras hot shoe 2) if used off camera do these uses disable the cameras pop up flash or does it also fire?

Have a look here for compatibility

If you attach an external flash to any camera's hotshoe then the pop up flash does not fire.
I had a quick but not comprehensive look at the A330 review and it says that the pop up can be used to control an off camera flash wirelessly.

You need to be aware of Sony's change of wireless protocol and I recommend trolling through all of the posts on here.

Mostly I use my pixel opas transceivers to fire strobes and sometimes flash guns and control the power manually.  A pair of pixel opas will set you back ~$100 and will fire the flash off camera.  Of course mounting the trigger will disable the pop up.....john

The Minolta 3600 HS(d), to give it it's full name, will work fine on an A330 hot shoe.

It can also be used off camera, with the pop-up flash acting as an optical trigger when your A330 is set to 'wireless' flash.

In this mode, the pop up flash fires a series of very short pulses of light, which instruct the off-camera 3600 hs(d) to fire, and at what power.

The disadvantages of using this optical triggering method are;
1) The remote (off-camera) flash must be able to 'see' the controlling trigger pulses - often this means a direct unobstructed line from camera to flash, but you can sometimes get away with 'bouncing' them off a wall / ceiling .
2) Relatively short range - I'm not sure of the actual range, but probably you want to be within 10'-15'.
3) The pop-up flash will also give a (small) contribution to the final exposure - often this is not a problem, but can sometimes result in an unwanted bright spot from it's reflection.

On the plus side, it's 100% compatible, and you need no additional pieces of kit to make it work - while finding a good set of remote radio triggers for the older iISO hot shoe that the A330 (and my A900's) have can be  expensive (I use pixel Kings, but you'll have a job finding a set these days).

Thanks guys. I think I will order one.


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