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alpha 300: can't download the photos from camera

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Hi there. I have an Alpha 300 with a 16GB transcend compact flash (133x) card. I can take pictures on the camera, but when I go to connect the camera to my PC (via the USB cable) the PC cannot access the drive, and says it is not formatted when I click on it in My Computer. Obviously, I don't select the option to format the drive now!

None of the sony bundled software identifies the camera's card as being available: it just says no device connected. But in My Computer, the drive appears in the list, merely as an unformatted drive.

Anyone else had this issue? Should I have formatted the drive first or something?
I think I've used the card in a card reader (which I no longer have access to) and it worked then, I seem to recall (although it was a while ago...I can't say that for absolutely certain).

Any advice much appreciated. The card is not full by any means, but I'd like to get the photos off it!


Firstly welcome to the forum.

Secondly I think your best option is to get a card reader and try to retrieve the pictures before going any further. There are a number of free recovery tools available (if you need them) that work specifically with camera memory cards. I always use a card reader instead of connecting the camera to my PC so have no experience of connecting the camera directly.



Hi Peter, thanks for the welcome and response!

Which free recovery tools do you recommend?

Tom F:
You might check and see if the USB connection option is set to mass storage.

Do you mean that it should be, or should not be? Either way, it doesn't access the data. (if I've got it set to PTP, when I plug it in, windows xp does recognise the camera, but still the software doesn't see the attached device)


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