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I am going to be gathering info for a faq section on the 7 digital. So if you have a tip, a workaround, advice, web link, or anything that will help users of the 7D to make the most of the camera, please add it here.

Please try and stay on topic as I'll be pulling the best of the posts out for use in the FAQ section.

The Konica-Minolta Dynax 7D is compatible with all lenses with Minolta AF mount. The AS (anti-shake) system works with all lenses, with a few exceptions, one of them being the Minolta AF Macro Zoom 1-3x f/1,7-2,8.
Also, old (usually manual-focus bayonet, or screw mount) lenses mounted via an adapter won't work with AS either, since the camera needs to know the focal length.
All lenses will get a 1.5x "crop factor" (compared to the field-of-view of a 35mm film camera).

The 7D has bad backwards-compatibility with flashes. Only the newest series of Konica-Minolta flashes with a "(D)" suffix work properly. These are the 2500(D), 3600HS(D) and 5600HS(D).
On older flashes, the automatic measurement system will not work. The flash will fire, but at full power. The only way to control exposure is with aperture and ISO settings, and any manual power settings on the flash (the flash power or exposure settings on the cammera do not work).
This is mainly because the 7D does not do "normal" TTL, only pre-flash TTL  (p-TTL) measurement. This requires that the flash is able to do a "double-shot", which most older flashes don't.
The 7D also does ADI (advanced distance integration). This is a more precise variant of pre-flash TTL that uses focus distance information from the lens to determine flash output power. For this to work, a newer "D"-type lens is needed.

Other brands/models that do work are Metz 54 AF-1M and possibly Sigma EF-500 DG Super. They can do ADI and p-TTL, although some other functions (such as wireless flash and 2nd-curtain sync) might not work.

Mirror lock-up
The manual for the 7D is a little vague about the topic, but here it is:
Sometimes the vibrations caused by the mirror flipping up before exposure can cause movements in the camera that can blur the image. It usually happens when using shutter times around 1/20th of a second, with long focal lengths on a tripod (such as macro photo).
Shorter times are "quicker" than the shake movements, and in longer times, the shakes will have "faded out" for most of the exposure. The AS in the 7D should effectively counteract this, but it never hurts to be safe.
Using mirror lock-up on the 7D is really simple: Use the 2s self-timer mode. The mirror will flip up as you press the shutter (with an audible click sound), then it will stay up the 2 seconds until exposure thereby allowing the vibrations to die out.

RAW and RAW+
If you want to shoot in RAW format, consider using the RAW+JPEG (RAW+) mode. If you want to save memory space, use "Small" (1504x1000) and Standard quality. The JPEG file will be about 400Kb average (the manual says 540Kb, but it's usually smaller than that) which isn't very much compared to the 50 times larger RAW file. Using default (+/-0) "Digital effect" settings, sRGB (natural) color space and automatic white balance (AWB) usually work. The main benefits of this are:
[*]The ability to zoom the image shown in the display of the camera
[*]Easier and quicker previewing of files when looking through them on your computer
[*]A decent file size for instant web publication, with good enough quality for "everyday use" without having to go through RAW conversion
For the few good images you might want to spend the time to perfect, you have the maximum quality of the RAW file as well (with the ability to set white balance and other settings in "post-production").

I just thought I'd share a question I asked Minolta and their response in regard to getting the $200 rebate from Ebay purchases. See below. I suggest if you're buying online and want the $200 rebate that you check carefully to make sure you'll get it.
Tracy M.

Dear Customer,
In response to the question that you have submitted...
Question is : Does the $200 rebate for the Maxxum 7D digital SLR apply if one buys the camera new via Ebay ? Your offer at mentions store receipt required.

Answer is : Have to be careful on this one. One could and many do buy from a webstore such as B&H, Adorama, DELL, etc. An Ebay seller could create more than one problem in the system. I know we have denied payment for some stores on and offline. Be careful. $200 is a bunch of money.

I have the coolest trick.

Dimage transfer.....

If you are doing any studio or macro work it is the coolest. I'm planning to test it with a laptop in the field.


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