Author Topic: Sony A99v x CZ 2470 x HVL60 Biking At Night (High ISO Shots 1600-3200)  (Read 2639 times)

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Just got my A99v, CZ2470, & HVL60 in. Upgraded from a Canon 60D, but I had shot Sony since way back in the day when the A100 & A700 were still around. I also had the CZ2470 which was selling for $1600 back then. I wonder why they raised the price so much? Anyways, I then left for the Canon 7D, T3i, 60D, and now back to Sony with the A99. I've been waiting a long, long, time for Sony to release a camera like this. Let's see if it lives up to the hype.

I'm not sold on the Autofocus in low-light yet (Need more testing, but felt a hair on the slow side). I had to use MF on quite a few shots, but luckily using MF with the A99 is fantastic. AF-D mode is awesome in theory. However, I found it a 50/50 performer in practice. Sometimes my images would come out as intended, while others it would mis-focus. I'm wondering if it's better to not shoot AF-D? Perhaps, they will release firmware to improve it's accuracy/speed.

I'm impressed with ISO 1600 & even 3200 is useable by my standards, but you can see some smudging coming in ever so slightly. Resized for the web they look spectacular.

Also noticed that the EVF/Display lags sometimes in low-light. Something I've never seen with other live view's before. Interesting how no reviews touched on this point. Anyways, onto the pictures. Let me know what you think, but just keep in mind this was just a run & gun test done in 15 minutes or so.

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Welcome back to Sony :)
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Welcome to the forum.  I like the last image best for composition and lighting which looks spot on to me.
I do find the bright colour watermark a distraction though......  john
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Welcome to the forum, its nice to see someone else returning to Sony.

I like the 2nd and 3rd best. The comp, light and overall finish of these two shots have a print/magazine feel to me.

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Welcome aboard!

A nice set to start. Second and last are my favorites. In the first one it looks like the guy has horns ... :)

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