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Title: Review of a99
Post by: REX (aka TG) on December 07, 2012, 10:20:57 AM

.....Even with a high-quality lens mounted, the linear AF points (ie non-cross-type) often lack the sensitivity required to get the subject sharp quickly.
It's also frustrating that the selectable AF points are grouped near the centre of the frame so you often have to use the focus and recompose technique.

May be they didn't read the manual or they were not having in hand the a99. As far as i know the a99 has 11 cross type sensors like a77 and they are position is locate like the competitors

...And, although the Object Tracking mode works pretty well, the start point is restricted to the centre of the frame and it can't be selected when shooting raw files....
As far as i know one of the coolest feature on a99 is the tracking mode where you can activate it also by pressing the shutter and the camera will take in consideration the focus point or group you have selected.

If these people are testers for reviews then i am wondering what kind of reviews are we are reading? The best reviews for me are the people that they have the cameras and can confirm 100% if something work or not
Title: Re: Review of a99
Post by: AScot on December 08, 2012, 07:23:45 AM
I think many of these reviews are written by so called pros who get a camera from the manufacturer but hate to read the manual and therefore misunderstand or misinterpret the new feature. Also some of them have an interest in another manufacturers product and give Sony a poor review.

I have decided not to purchase the A99 (At least for now) and instead have purchased an A77. I will keep my A850, which I consider to be an excellent camera. I will sell my A700.
Title: Re: Review of a99
Post by: REX (aka TG) on December 08, 2012, 07:28:28 PM
You are right AScot, they are people that they think Sony is still not an  DSLR Camera manufacture but a play sation manufacture :). Congratulations to your new purchase you will love this camera