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raw, Adobe Bridge and DNG - save (lots) of disk space
« on: December 21, 2008, 07:03:50 PM »
The a900 has changed one of my habits completely.

With the 7D I would record both JPG and raw.  The JPG so I could review as required and in the hotel room flip some quick images back home with minimum editing fuss.

With the a900, first of all there is a lot less reviewing, period.  Use the Intelligent Preview to verify exposure and then just shoot.  No more test shots so no need to delete from the card.  As the camera can review from the raw images (or maybe embeds a JPG in there), there is no need to separately record JPG's.  No more deleting tests/duds from the PC (or at least a lot less).

When uploading to the computer, I do it via Adobe Bridge.  This allows some Meta tagging, re-naming and conversion to raw - all in one go.

Raw files that take 34 - 35 MB on the CF card are reduced to 14 - 18 MB or about 40 - 50% (or more).

Then turn on the external drive and let Time Machine automatically back it all up...