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How to restore the file count number
« on: September 06, 2012, 03:54:51 AM »
I was checking my CF cards in my A850 and A700 and inadvertently put the card from the a700 (with photos on it) into the A850 and began taking photos. It wasn't until about 15 photos later that I noticed that the A850 was marking each photo with a much higher count #. It appears that the a850 had reset itself to agree with the A700 numbering.

I tried a number of different things to retrieve the much lower # on my A850, without success. The best I could do was reset it to 100-0001, just like a new camera. I spoke to a technician at Sony and he said there was no way to turn the camera back, It could not be done.

I did a search of DD and there was a post by dcap, from July 2006, on how to change the number on a Minolta D7. I've added a few modifications to suit the Sony system. It should work with any Sony camera, perhaps with a few minor mods. It will work on the A900/A850/A700.

Workaround for file number restore. Set camera to shoot Series (Cog 2 menu):

1. format the cf card in the camera (so there are no numbered files on the card).
2. take a picture.
3. take CF card out of camera and stick it into a card reader (external or internal to your computer).
4. using the computer, rename the file number to 9999.
5. put CF card back in camera.
6. take a picture, that one should now be numbered 0001.
7. put card back into card reader.
8. renumber the picture on the card with a number 1 less than the number you wish to use.
9. put cf card back in camera
10. the next picture taken will be numbered 1 more than the picture you renumbered.
11. You will now notice that the file structure on the card has changed to DCIM > 101MSDCF > 101-####.
12. put card back into card reader.
13. Change the folder 101MSDCF to 100MSDCF.
14. The next picture you take will be 100-####
15. Format card.
16. Dedicate the card for use only on this camera.

You now have the camera back to where it was.

It is interesting to note that the files revert to 0001 at every 9999 files and the folder 100MSDCF increments by 1 each time. So if you wish to know how many photos it has taken it can be easily worked out, Unless you reset it just before it reaches 9999.
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