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Title: A900 Noise for a Reason?
Post by: chkfoto on June 30, 2009, 05:53:55 PM
Please excuse that this is not a thoroughly researched nor a technical comment, but rather a casual observation.  After all the talk of noise (grain) in the A900 files, I wonder if it was put there on purpose (discounting the over 1600 noise, which is extreme)  I recently read an article that presented the concept of adding noise when printing to a large size print to help prevent banding in the print which is produced by the printer.  And I've consistently read that when a A900 file is printed, the noise becomes a non-issue (at 800 and below).

So is the noise in a A900 file there for a reason or is it a flaw?

- I am so very close to committing to this camera -
Title: Re: A900 Noise for a Reason?
Post by: AScot on June 30, 2009, 08:07:00 PM
I think noise in the A900 is a non issue below 800, printing or when viewing on a monitor. The problem with Sony A900 cameras, as I understand it, is the increase in noise at 1600 and above. It's not that it is particularly bad, it's just that it compares less favourably with Canon and possibly Nikon. Nikon uses the same sensor but their in camera software is different. That could be corrected by Sony with a new firmware revision, as they did with the A700.

However increased noise will not be improved if you shoot RAW and if you shoot jpg and your theory is correct, then when printing with jpgs taken at 1600 ISO or above, new firmware revision or not, noise will not be an issue.

Many say that removing noise, in RAW or jpgs, is best done during post processing using noise ninja, neat image or Adobe ACR/Photoshop.

I certainly do not think the noise in an A900 is there for a reason, nor would I call it a flaw. It is more a balance of how much does Sony spend to produce a class leading camera with huge pixel count and very high dynamic range and keep the price below $3000. Looked at that way, then putting up with slightly more noise above 1600 is a no brainer. JMHO. :D
Title: Re: A900 Noise for a Reason?
Post by: Alan on July 08, 2009, 01:26:37 AM
I've printed lo noise, full resolution from the a900 with no banding (Epson 3800), so, no that is not it.

If noise were needed for such, it would be added in the computer in any case.

I've also printed from ISO 800 shots to 19x13" with no discernible noise in the print - though deep shadow areas tend to look 'muddy'.