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Re: A77 ii and Lightroom
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I have the A77MkII and find that only in good lit scenarios is Lightroom proficient. The NR isn't up to the task on lower light shooting. My favorite post processing program is PhotoNinja, however the current version does not have profiles yet for the new camera. Their NR is considerably less destructive to image quality. I'm actually doing most of my shooting in Jpeg as it's so darned good now. They have really stepped up their game. The low light performance is really something. I'll post a sample of a wood knob on the top of a banister in which in this dimly lit livingroom you could literally NOT see any detail of it because it was so dark. The image reveals lots of clean grain and texture details at ISO3200.

This one has a bee on a cone flower and was taken hand held with the 70-300G lens (one of my favorites). The larger version has macro like detail and the SSS does it's job to be sure.
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Re: A77 ii and Lightroom
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Pretty good....
There are people who actually think LENS stabilization is better than sensor shifting!