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Images to Share / Re: Red back
« Last post by CHOLLY on Yesterday at 07:57:05 PM »
Close relative of the Black Widow here in the States.... ALSO potentially deadly.
OK... I feel better now!

I thought I had a faulty lens.....
That is correct guys. You focus after you zoom then set your polarizer etc after you have attained focus. Why does it matter if the front element turns when zooming. That's why it is called Internal focusing, not internal zooming.
Images to Share / Re: Red back
« Last post by Douglas on Yesterday at 01:14:33 PM »
Very nice close up showing the red back.
Images to Share / Re: Andrea
« Last post by Douglas on Yesterday at 01:12:49 PM »
Thank you chappo, I've learned to move her away from the wall to avoid shadow as much as possible.
Charles, my front element rotates. Always has.

Maybe it's a different lens?

According to the Dyxum lens database, the front element rotates when Zooming, but not when Focussing.
Images to Share / Re: Red back
« Last post by BrianNZ on Yesterday at 09:54:23 AM »
closley related to what is generally recognized as the most dangerous animal/insect in New Zealand - The Katipo spider - although with the injuries that some dogs cause im not sure why they dont count as being a threat to humans.  Seriously though we are blessed with very few dangerous animals or insects, unless your are alergic to things like wasps and bees.  Dont have any pics of the Katipo however, in fact im pretty sure i have only ever seen one in my life time (not that i go looking for them)
Images to Share / Red back
« Last post by chappo1 on Yesterday at 09:09:29 AM »
This little lady, and the red ones are always the lady, is about 1 cm across.  The male is only a few mm and a tawdy brown.
This lady can cause vomiting, convulsions and has caused a few deaths.

Mating with her is a once in a lifetime experience as she gets hungry after sex and the closest meal is usually the poor male just after he has had his "fun".
Images to Share / Re: Sunny island hop
« Last post by chappo1 on Yesterday at 05:56:38 AM »
I think the second one would work well in Mono where you can fiddle with what is white and what is black.  As it is, the sand dominates but in mono you can darken this...john
Images to Share / Re: See spider and raise you a spider
« Last post by chappo1 on Yesterday at 05:54:07 AM »
I remember this photo from way back, great photo but it has not improved with age. It is a quite beautiful creature but I am so glad we only have tiny little ones in Canada. At least as far as I know! :(

I an never remember is I have posted an image here before.  It is an old image and try as I might I cannot better it. john
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