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Title: Drone helicipters
Post by: chappo1 on February 18, 2013, 10:11:14 PM
As one who uses a mobile phone to make phone calls and thinks a tablet is something you take for a fever.... :grin:

........................Has anybody ant experience with drone helicopters controlled from a smart phone and video streamed to a tablet?
There as an article in our local newspaper yesterday that sparked some interest in new technology.  The ones depicted had 4 rotors in a plane (no pun intended) and it crossed my mind that if the quality of image was good enough it would be nice to fly up with some of the birds..  john
Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: CHOLLY on July 04, 2013, 07:17:46 PM
Many states here in the U.S. are making the use of Drones of all types ILLEGAL... especially those that can be used for surveillance.

There is a famous case from Texas where a person used one with his DSLR mounted to photograph a literal "River of Blood" flowing out of a slaughter house into a nearby stream in violation of federal law. The State sided with the owners because the use of a drone to collect the evidence, i.e. the photographs, was illegal. >:(
Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: retoohs on August 31, 2013, 04:09:56 AM
This interests me also. I've looked a camera mounts for drones and helicopters and the good ones are thousands of dollars. If you want quality it will cost big bucks.
Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: vaughaag on September 01, 2013, 07:53:52 PM
I know there is allot of talk from various aviation agencies; CAA, FAA, EASA about the use of large drones. There have been a number of occasions in recent years where by drones have come close to the final approach or climb out areas of airports.

Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: chappo1 on September 01, 2013, 11:38:26 PM
I just want ......"one flew over the cuckoo's nest"  :grin:

Be nice to get up level or over the top of nests but I guess it would be a bit much to try and fly the thing and focus the camera.  I see the helicopters in the shops all the time and thought to myself- after flying it around the yard once or twice what would I do with it..........????
Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: retoohs on September 02, 2013, 12:57:23 PM
Check this out
Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: rebeccah on September 02, 2013, 01:21:02 PM
Used in the correct way, I'm sure this could be fun, aerial pictures can be a lovely alternative view point, I know from experience.

Please can I raise the issue of letting these devices going out of your sight or letting them fly anywhere near manned aircraft of any sort.  It isn't just the aviation agencies that have concerns about these gadgets, the paragliding community are concerned too. A collision with one of these could be disastrous to a paraglider and pilot.

Don't want to spoil anyone's fun :-)
Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: retoohs on September 03, 2013, 01:08:01 PM
Valid point Rebeccah. As a decent rig is going to be in excess of $7000 I won't be playing around with one. Governments are using them regularly to monitor rivers, lakes etc where they just load the GPS coordinates and send them off. It's only tine until there is an accident. Guess they'll call it collateral damage.
Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: Frank [aka Wires] on September 03, 2013, 04:42:32 PM
What about a much "quieter" option... a "weather" balloon or a kite controlled by a kite line or similar? For a kite you'd need a bit (or more) of wind but not for the weather balloon... just some helium. Landing a kite could also be a bit tricky regards possible damage to the camera... probably not so much so with a balloon.

In Falconry, kites and balloons (weather type, 5' or 6' ones) have been used for many years - by some falconers - for training falcons to gain height when the falcon is intended for use in hunting game birds like grouse, pheasants, partridge and wildfowl such as ducks. Anyone that has been to "The Falcony Fair" will probably seen them used in a part of the demonstrations.

If going above a certain height a licence is required from the air authority - can't remember their exact title.... sorry :(

Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: retoohs on September 03, 2013, 09:06:04 PM
Here locally there is a guy doing aerial photography with a helium balloon the shape of a zeppelin that is about 2m in length. I think he is doing mainly real estate work. I have seen balloons for gopro cameras advertised also. I think it depends on the quality one wants to obtain. If you want sharp quality images a gyro mount is a must, I don't think steadyshot is enough. In my work we often use helicopters with a nose mount to shoot commercials and movies because of vibration etc and I think as you scale down these vibrations and instability will be amplified I would think.
Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: Frank [aka Wires] on September 04, 2013, 10:00:00 AM
I am not suggesting that the camera is just hung from the balloon - or kite - as we all feel it is expensive kit to take that sort of risk with. A great deal of thought would be needed to come up with a suitable mounting platform to secure the camera and attached lens securely and also sufficient padding to assist with a "safe" landing. Also... would you want the camera lens pointing directly down, at an angle of 33 or 45 degrees or 90 degrees? :)

I recently watched a short video of someone having a go and trying to handle the controls of a mini-helicopter - - - with a few bangs along the way. You can see it here:

I wouldn't want to place my a77 or a700 etc., to one without LOTS of practice... even then, things can go wrong.
Title: Re: Drone helicipters end of story..
Post by: chappo1 on September 04, 2013, 11:51:20 PM
There was an article in the newspaper and on the news about the local fire service having one to send in to monitor fire in difficult terrain- 4 rotors fitted with visible and IR cameras.  Specced EXACTLY as I would want it.....Then it went on to say that the cost was north of $20,000.  So there- the toys you see in the malls for affordable prices will not do...  john
Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: wildieswife on September 05, 2013, 10:49:14 PM
Last Sunday there was a BIG fire - an arson attack on a localish Technical College. Most of the news footage was from a drone. It made my 'on the ground images' look boring.  The guy must have cleaned up on the commercial sales.

Title: Re: Drone helicipters
Post by: retoohs on September 18, 2013, 07:34:08 AM
Check this drone out, looks pretty cool. They are now using them here to check power lines.