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very well done SONY
« on: November 09, 2014, 10:38:08 AM »
Last night i was at  a family wading as a guest and saw that the Pro photographer was using exclusive Sony  E mount bodies.The Lens he was using were exclusive canon L series f.2,8 with matabone adapter. Later that evening i went next to him and asked him why he was using Canon lens with a very slow auto focus, ^

He replyed: i was a Canon user and have a lot of Canon lens

2nd Question why dont you buy the new FF lens to have faster auto focus.

Answer i dont need auto focus since i am a manual focus photographer and Sony offer until now only f4 lens

Very well done Sony so it means by the introduction of the new generation of FF lens these guy will start replacing his curent lens line.

The start of faster lens will be introduced next year with the 35mm f1,4 and the 90mn f2,8 macro
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Re: very well done SONY
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2014, 11:07:24 AM »
Rex, did you ask why he had changed from using Canon bodies to using Sony E mount? Does he not see some image deterioration with using the adaptor?

That's one of my main concerns should I decide to change from the A(700, 77 etc) bodies range over to the 'E'/'AE' mount cameras such as the A7 range; a7/a7r/a7s (in low light, great ISO low grain)... or a6000?

I have quite an investment in a range of A mount glass... not the 'all perfect' set of fast glass admittedly but a lot to change if I want to get the best from the newer A range camera body. The A7s is very tempting at the moment but talk of a 50mpx sensor body in 2015 is also intriguing! :)
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