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Title: New mini a9
Post by: REX (aka TG) on May 29, 2017, 08:58:30 AM
Last week i sold my beloved a6000 with 16-50 and bought the 6300 (mini a9) :)

The resons i bought a6300 over a6000 are:

-Full AF compatibility with all my lens A mount SSM with LA1/LA3
-Expant flexible spot something i was wishing long time on a6000.
-AF priority/Release priority
-silent mode even wiyh A mount lens
-AEL/AF switch
-EYE focus in AF-C
-Low / Standart/ Fast at (Min ISO)
-Higher resolution of EVF

The camera can shoot 11 fps even with  A mount lens in AF priority the same as A9 and it cost 1/5 of price of A9

I really love size of NEX6/a6000/A6300/A6500
Title: Re: New mini a9
Post by: chappo1 on May 30, 2017, 02:48:53 AM
We have 2 Rex.  My wife and I have a 6300 each with the 18200LE lens.  I still use my A99 but for a walk around all day camera it is too heavy.  I do not use the A mount lenses on the A6300.  Just keep to the one lens.  If I am not going far or need a specialist lens, I just take the A99.  Happy shooting.....john
Title: Re: New mini a9
Post by: Faldrax on May 30, 2017, 09:24:58 AM
I'd love to upgrade my A6000 to an A6300 (or A6500), but any spare cash for camera upgrades goes to saving for an A99II - which still has a long way to go...

Let us know how you get on with the A6300, and how much of an improvement it is in 'real world' use.

Title: Re: New mini a9
Post by: REX (aka TG) on May 30, 2017, 05:04:07 PM
Thànks a  lot

Faldrax the a6300 has some things that i like very much over the a6000.

*Expant flexible spot with PDAF. On a6000 to have PDAF you must be ether in zone or wide focus area. That was useles for me and  using spot focus where you have the contrast detect AF.

*AF & release priority some thing that even a7II dont have

*Silent mode

*Fast AF with a mount lens so for now and near future i dont neeď any FE100_400 3000 $.All my A mount lens with SAM & SSM motor work perfectly.

*I used SAL 70-400G and work very good even on a7II but much better on a6300

*The  FE 100STF work so fast and acurate that the a7II feels like an old technology

This weekend i will make photos of a friend of mein he getting married and i will take side to the beast a99II the a6300 with the 100 STF.

Yes the a99II is another evel camera and i think is the best option for us that we own a mount lens. Remeber that Sony said they will keep developping the a mount FF side by side with e mount.

What ever they inovate they will bring it in a mount in 4 years from now JUST BEFORE THE TOKYO OLYMPICS.

We will see a new a99III using the A mount lens without any mirror and definitly an a9II  with a lot of new tele lens.

Why i say these because already a6300 / A7RII/ A9 can focus very fast with a mount SSM lens. Imagine in 4 years from now what they will inovate