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Title: ~~ Patterns ~~ the finalist!! Please vote
Post by: Maxx-7D on December 11, 2006, 03:37:03 AM
Ok. Here are my selections for finalist. This was extremely difficult. All the entries at one time or another were on my short list. I had to keep going over them again and again.  I am really sorry that I could not include all of them, but I couldn't. So I narrowed them down to four, the smallest list I could do. Took me many many hours. (no one told me how hard this part would be!!)

Again, I think they are all winners, and I would love to hang them all on my walls. (course I would lie to my friends and claim them as my own. :) )

Ok, so to vote, just pm me, its the little scroll thing underneath the cats eye on the left side on this post. List in order, from 1st place to 4th place by photographers name, your picks. Thanks again everyone!!

Here they are:

from Gianfranco:

from DCap

from D7D

from mbmark