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Standard Rules for Monthly Challenges
« on: August 29, 2006, 12:39:08 AM »
Before entering a challenge, you should be familiar with the Dynax Digital Forums' posting rules - the rules below are in addition to the posting guidelines described there but do not supersede them in any way.

The digital darkroom board also contains useful information on how to post photos on the boards.

The following general rules apply to all challenges on this board. They're simple and mainly common-sense stuff, but please read them before joining in the fun... ;)

Rule 1:

Strictly a total of four images are allowed per member.

Quality, not quantity, will win the day, so choose wisely.

Rule 2:

You may not change an image once it is entered.

You can't take an image out because someone later posted a similar one, and then replace it with a new one. You can of course withdraw an entry, but it's still counted toward your four image limit on the challenge.

Rule 3:

This is a photography forum not a digital art forum. However in the challenges only, digital mock-ups will be permitted. You can also frame your photo with a border and put your name on it.

Rule 4:

Photos will be judged on Image Quality, Composition and Difficulty.

Images that are considered off-theme by the challenge host will be judged harshly :)

Rule 5:

You're invited to state the following from the EXIF; optional, but interesting to others as a learning tool.
-- Camera
-- Lens
-- Aperture
-- Shutter
-- ISO

Also any brief notes on how/where you were.

If you don’t have a Minolta 5D, 7D or any Sony camera you will not be penalized for using an alternate camera, you must however indicate the alternate camera used.

Rule 6:

No recycling.

Once you've used an image for a challenge, you can't used it for future challenges. (So if it's not really on-theme, you may want to hold it over for the right challenge)

Rule 7:

The Challenge Threads are initially intended to be submission-only threads. When the submission deadline is reached, the hosting moderator will lock the thread. The Challenge host or Editorial team will then determine the winner. No Voting will take place as it has not worked well in the past. ??? The hosting moderator will unlock the thread and announce the winner at the bottom. Immediately below that we will accept discussions on the entries.

Rule 8:

Please refrain from commenting elsewhere on other members' submissions - we want unbiased votes :mrgreen: .

Rule 9:
Have fun and join in!

Because you took the time to read the rules, here are a couple of bonus hints:

Hint 1:

You might want to spread multiple entries roughly over weekly intervals between the announcement and the closing date.

Don't saturate the thread with all your images in one go, or you may miss out towards the end when inspiration strikes. That is a suggestion, not a rule.

Hint 2:

If you think your image may be too far off-theme, consult the challenge host - if you have one that's maybe borderline or requires a bit of creative interpretation, run it past them. But don't spam them! (annoying the judge of the challenge isn't a path to victory ;))

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