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Challenge #15 - Portraits - Finalists.
« on: July 01, 2008, 07:58:23 AM »
Here are the finalists for Challenge #15 - Portraits. (June 2008)

First a quick note. sparkie1263 posted a very fine picture of his Daughter and Granddaughter in the Images to Share forum. After posting it, he received advice on how best to improve it. Unfortunately, the improved version of the picture was then entered in this challenge. I'm sure you can all see how this may be considered unfair to other contestants. For that reason I am forced to disqualify sparkie1263's entry. No one is to blame for this, these things happen. It is however very unfortunate, as I had the picture in my short list for inclusion as a finalist. Sorry sparkie1263.

As there are so many cute and irresistible photos in this challenge, I have been forced to rely strictly on the Wikipedia definition of 'Portraits' to help guide me in my choice. (This definition was posted as a guide in the original opening post.) In collaboration with fother (although I take full responsibility) I have picked what I believe to be six superb portraits. (All finalists are listed in order of original posting.)

Please vote by sending me (AScot) a PM indicating your first preference (3 pts), Second preference (2 pts) and Third Preference (1 pt).

Voting will close 12.00 midnight my time (North American eastern standard time) on Monday 7th July 2008. In the UK, that would be 5 AM on the 8th and in Melbourne it would be 3 PM on the 8th. Other areas should be able to work out their times from those three.

Finalists are allowed to vote, and may also vote for themselves.






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