Author Topic: Challenge #10 - Old Houses Once Occupied - Finalists  (Read 2013 times)

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Challenge #10 - Old Houses Once Occupied - Finalists
« on: February 01, 2008, 04:27:41 AM »
Here are the finalists for Challenge #10 - Old Houses Once Occupied.

Man, what a job. Interpreting what best meets the challenge topic and how well it was implemented photographically, is a tremendous challenge in it's own. Now it's done and here they are.

It should be said that two of the finalists were almost disqualified due to their submissions being over the 150Kb maximum, as specified in the standard rules for challenges. This I did not notice until after I had made my choices, and it was too late to contact them. However, since I had contacted two other members earlier in the month and asked them to reduce the size of their submissions to comply with the '800 Pix on the longest side' rule, I felt it would be unfair of me to disqualify these two finalists at this late date. Instead I reduced the size of their pictures myself and included them. So all is fair.

Please vote by sending me a PM, indicating your First preference (3 pts), Second preference (2 pts) and Third Preference (1 pt).

NOTE:- Each finalists work of art is presented in the order it was posted with an alphabetical letter immediately above the photograph. As an aid to accurate counting of votes, could you please indicate your choice by stating in your PM, #1-X, #2-Y, #3-Z. Thank you. (Use your letters of choice, of course) :)

Finalists are allowed to vote, and may also vote for themselves.

Voting will close 12.00 midnight my time (North American eastern standard time) on 7th February 2008. In the UK, that would be 5 AM on the 8th and in Melbourne it would be 3 PM on the 8th. Other areas should be able to work out their times from those three.

Please note that all votes must be sent to me, AScot. Any that are sent to fother will not be counted as Gaz and I are unable to read fothers private mail.



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