Author Topic: Challenge #1 VOTING (Liquids Challenge)  (Read 1786 times)

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Challenge #1 VOTING (Liquids Challenge)
« on: March 12, 2007, 05:07:21 AM »
Wow! Lost for words. I limited myself to just four finalists, but I wanted to include more. These ones that are up for your voting I hope you'll agree should be the finalists. As I said, there were more that could have been included, and I was impressed with the thought and desgin put into all of them, so THANK YOU for the effort.

So, without further ceremony, please take a look and Private Message (PM) me, or e-mail me your preferences in order of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. Voting ends 9am Tokyo time (Sunday 18th March) , 11pm GMT (Saturday 17th March), so please get them in while you remember to do so.

Thanks for your support. Soon as you're done here, nose in on the "Old and Rusty" Challenge, which looks quite fun.

(in random order)




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