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Westcott Strobelite
« on: June 06, 2013, 06:14:15 PM »
Thought I'd share this with you all. Went looking for information on the Broncolor lighting kit - having watched a video blog from Karl Taylor Photography (Here ) - and came across this kit at Commercial Cameras. Spoke to the owner of the shop (Paul Waller... nice helpful guy :) ) and decided to buy this kit;

Westcott Strobelite 300j Educational Kit

Includes: 2x 300J Strobelites, 2x 43" Umbrellas, 2x 6.5' Light Stands, 1x Floor-positioning Mat and Guide Card, 1x Carry Case, 1x DVD Video, PLUS 2x FREE 24"x32" Softboxes + Rings, while stocks last!

The two FREE softboxes + rings are a bonus for sure and Paul said the kit will also take Bowens stuff as well. All packed away nicely in the carry case - - - including the two softboxes.

It arrived today and it all looks pretty decent kit for the price of £299 + delivery. Although the description says 6.5' the box the kit came in states 7.5' light stands.

I know I was asking for some information a little while ago regarding using flash units - 2 x 5400 etc., - and I will still be looking at getting sorted with those but this Westcott kit will be VERY useful - hopefully for both ME and my son :)

He's so far gained four distinction marks for his photography course work and I'm trying to get him to post the last one here on Product Photography.

Pics to follow should any one like to see and a link to the shop I got them from;

There was an additional freebie I didn't know about until this evening... another 43" umbrella, adjustable shoe mount clamp and 8' light stand. I thought it had been sent to the wrong address but he just confirmed it's another free item :)
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