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sigma flash for minolta
« on: November 28, 2005, 02:05:03 PM »
hi guys,
excuse me for the bad language, i'm italian.....
i wan't to ask about this:
i want to buy the flash sigma 500 dg super for minolta, it's full compatible with my reflex dynax 7d and dynax 5?
thank you
ps: here in italy there isn't an unofficial forum like this, only for km users!!! in italy we are a bit inspite of canon or nikon users... they don't know what they do!!!!!!!! :D
dynax 7d - 18-70 minolta - sigma 70-300 dg macro - 1,4x pro soligor - 2x teleplus - flash 3600 hsd - flash sigma 500dg super - dynax 5 - 28-80 minolta- 500mm cata - m42 lens....tamrac expedition5