Author Topic: lensbaby, Have you ever used one  (Read 2992 times)

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lensbaby, Have you ever used one
« on: June 10, 2005, 02:55:22 PM »
Has any one here used a lensbaby they are a bit of a laugh and nice effect for wedding portrait work. This thing will turn my expensive dslr into a 10 euro Holga LOL. Would love to know of any experiences with one of these things.

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lensbaby, Have you ever used one
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2005, 04:05:37 PM »
I have the first version lensbaby and find it quite fun to use. I recently took it along to Vegas and have a couple of shots that I can share to give you an example of the results. You have to change some settings on your 7D to get it to work. When I first got it, the instruction book was not very helpful in regards to using it with cameras other than canon or nikon Dslr's. I emailed Craig Strong, the inventor, and asked him. He said he didn't know of any 7D users and that he and I would have to do some research and experimentation. Obviously since it only a piece of glass and vacuum hose, it doesn't communicate with your camera. You have to shoot in manual mode, manual focus and just experiment with settings. With the smallest ring in place (there are just washers in the front element of the lens to change the aperature), which I just leave in there all the time (a shallow d.o.f. girl I am..), my camera, although it's not communicating with the lens, thinks that it's shooting at f1. I use the exposure level to see how close I think am I to proper exposure and then overexpose by about a stop. Since the level is not too accurate with this chunk of glass and vacuum hose, you have to guess. In all of the photos I've taken with it, I got the most pleasing results by overexposing by about a stop. It's all just fun anyway...experiment!  You have to go into the menus and change the priority setup to "release" so that the camera will actually let you take the photo. I remember changing the shutter lock to "off" as well. About a week after I talked to Craig, he called me back and asked what I have found out. I told him of the settings that you have to change and stuff and he said that this was very helpful and that my settings would be published in the next Lensbaby instructions. Hopefully this means that more 7D users will be able to use it straight out of the box....Here are some pics....

The sign at the terminal..too bad for me I only saw it when we were leaving...

this is the monorail track in Vegas..very fun, very futuristic!

view from my hotel room window...

lonely man at airport...