Author Topic: Please Read Before Posting on the Images to Share Board  (Read 10585 times)

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Please Read Before Posting on the Images to Share Board
« on: August 28, 2008, 01:12:05 AM »
If you want to share an image (or a set of images, up to 5 at a time) with the community here, this is the board to use.

Just post your images (see the posting rules and instructions on how to optimize images and post images), and tell us about them if you like :)

If, however, you'd like some advice or feedback on what you could do differently, or how you could overcome a problem you're having with the shot, please use the also ask for the specific feedback or advice you need. For example, you might want advice on composition, lighting, technique, processing, cropping, or any other aspect of your photography. You might want to know which version of a photo works better, whether a black and white treatment of a sepia tone is better than a colour version. You might want to know if your processing is working well or could be improved, or how to sharpen an image... As a community we have a wide range of experience, and a friendly discussion can really help... The best way to learn is to ask!

Please note, the posting of images in another members post is not acceptable and is considered thread hijacking, unless you are using your image to answer a question that the member has asked, or that would be relevant to his original post
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