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How to post a photo in
« on: February 27, 2015, 10:49:20 PM »
How to post a photo in

There are two methods of posting photographs. One is to post directly to this forum ( and the forum will host your photos. The other is to post your photos to a Photography hosting website such as flickr or photobucket.

The direct to forum method.

This method, due to limited hosting space and problems with the server, may display some minor problems that can be mitigated by users being diligent in following the rules [See 8 ) below].

To begin, prepare the photos you intend to display on the forum, in your computers photo software. Make them approximately 800 pixels on the longest side and ~200Kb maximum in file size (The smaller the better). Save them to a folder on your computer that you can find easily and that you will not delete easily.

1) Open a new topic or reply to an existing topic. Add a subject and write the body of your text in the text window. Do not use the quick reply window.
2) Go to '+Attachments and other options' below the text window and Left click it. A number of options will open up.
3) The first two options will be ticked, that is OK.
4) Below that is 'Attach:' and 'Browse.... Left click 'Browse' and a folder in your computer will open. Navigate to the folder that holds your photos and click on the photo you wish to post.
5) Click 'more attachments' and add another photo. You can do this up to three times per post. If you require to post more photos, do it all again in another 'post'.
6) If you now click Preview you will see your text but you will not see your photos.
7) Click 'Post' and if it is a new Topic, your browser tab may/will sit for up to 3 minutes trying to post and it will get a Gateway Time Out. Ignore that, as it will have posted OK.
8 ) To check that your photo has posted correctly, open the 'topic' or 'reply' that you made and your photos will be there. You will notice that your photos are small. Left clicking them will open them to 800px on the largest side. You may wish to add above your first photo the words Left click photo to enlarge. If the posted image is larger than 800 px, say 1024px, you can click on the 800px version and it will increase again to 1024px or to whatever larger size you posted. So be aware that posting a larger size can be easily copied, so you would not want to post above whatever you think would be worth stealing by anyone.

That is it. If you close your computer the photos will remain on the forum for others to enjoy. Deleting your photos on the forum will remove them from the forum.

Using a hosting website method.

I will describe the most popular website method.    You will have to open an account however it is free or you can sign up for the paid version. You should follow the instructions on flicker to upload your photos from your computer.

1) With flicker open, go to your photo stream.
2) Open the photo you wish to download by Left clicking it. Note that the Photo must be viewable by the public
3) At the right bottom of the screen are four icons. Left click the third icon (the arrow).
4) A share window will open.
5) Three lines down click 'BBCODE'
6) On the next line choose the photo size you wish to share. Try for a size of 800 pixels maximum.
7) On the next line a highlighted link will appear. Right click it and Copy it.
8 ) Paste it into the topic or reply that you are generating in dynaxdigital. Do not use the img or url tags available on the forum. Click Preview to check that all is well.

Note that the photo will have writing at the bottom. This is flicker advertising and they want you to leave it there. If you really don't want it, you can get rid of it by changing the link that you pasted. Here is a typical link, remove the parts I have shown in bold, leaving only the parts between the img tags.

[ url=] [img ][/img] [/url ][ url=]Alicia-1024B[/url ] by [ url=]brucec13[/url ], on Flickr

I have left spaces at some of the urls and img tags to avoid showing the photo.
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