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Changes to the posting rules [Please read]
« on: May 31, 2012, 06:12:51 AM »
Posting Photos – maximum dimensions

Posted photos should be 800 pixels on the longest side, If possible. Photos with dimensions more than 800 pixels may be automatically shrunk by the forum script to comply with this request and may result in pixilation, reducing the apparent sharpness of the image. To avoid this problem, simply post images with dimensions at, or less than, the 800 pixel suggested limit.

If including more than one picture in a single post, place a carriage return <enter> between pictures so that they do not appear side by side.

Posting Photos - Maximum file sizes

Aim for a maximum file size of less than 200kb maximum if possible.

Photos that exceed the maximum file size limit may have the [img] tags removed, leaving the link only. A note recommending re-posting the image at a reduced file size may be included at the Moderators discretion. DO NOT re-insert image tags if they are removed by a moderator, unless you first resize your photo to be in compliance.

Posting photos – how to

Please read the guides on sizing photos and linking them to the forum, found in the Digital Darkroom board. There are a number of helpful threads on how to do this using various software and browsers. Many of them are pinned to the top of the board. If in doubt, ask for help. If you are attaching your images to your post then this forum will resize your images to a maximum or 800px for the longest edge of your photos and will use a 75% compression rate setting to try and keep the disk space used to a manageable amount.

We recognize that some photo hosting sites (e.g. Flickr) control the compression rates, making it difficult (but not impossible) to manage the file size. Uploading a photo to Flickr at 800 pixels on the longest side, approximately 130KB to 150KB file size and 72 DPI will generally ensure that the photo, when downloaded to this forum, will not exceed the posting rules. This of course will depend on the complexity of the photo and is entirely the responsibility of the poster to check.

Other hosting sites may only increase the size of your uploaded photo by 5 or 10KB. There are too many hosting sites for us to check, so please know your chosen host and size your photos accordingly.

Posting Photos – how many

Five photos per post with a limit of 15 photos per thread will be allowed by the original poster.

Note: The definition of a post is one single message either at the start of a thread or each subsequent message, also known as replies.
The definition of a thread is one or more posts consisting of an original post followed by all replies to that post. The original poster is considered to own that thread.
Therefore, the original poster may add additional photos in groups of a maximum of five per post/reply, either immediately following the original post or later in the thread. Others should not post photos in the original posters thread unless the posted photo is relevant to that thread, is meant to illustrate a point or is posted at the original posters invitation/request.

It is requested that this type of multiple posting of photos be kept to a minimum in order to conserve band width. If you feel you must post 15 photos, but do not need continuity, then consider making three separate topics. The choice is yours.
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