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Re: Tablets... tablets... tablets!
« Reply #30 on: July 07, 2013, 11:33:13 PM »
I have to echo Dave's comments. At first I thought the ipad is just gimmickry, but I have changed my mind. At the moment I am travelling and I am typing this on my ipad...for nearly everything, this little tablet is all I need and re the newspapers: I have found out that I could sign up with my library to electronically download up to five books for free. I can download these books for offline reading and "return" them before the three week time limit period to download something else.

But...even better...the same library allows me to read pretty much ANY newspaper in the world in FULL and for free. While I understand how difficult this is for the printing press, my house in now paper free.

Overall, I have changed my opinion 100%. I could not live without my ipad for a single day.
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Re: Tablets... tablets... tablets!
« Reply #31 on: July 08, 2013, 09:41:32 PM »
Agree with both you and Dave Stef... although I don't have an iPad.

I also seem to take my Samsung Tab2 7 most places. It isn't 3g activated but then I can use the wifi connection on my GSII phone and share the data connection if I want to. It does have a Micro SD slot which is occupied with a 32GB card. Supposedly that is the most it will take but I've recently been reading that some with devices that are 'restricted' to 32GB max are now using 64GB cards... not all work but it is encouraging and I may give it a try.

I 'carry' my Audible library with me, my music, my 'mags' (F11 etc.), diary, calendar, maps/directions via the GPS. I can find "places of interest" near me + places to eat, drink, wifi spots, what's on at the cinema, TV and can even use it to set the TIVO box to record something. Voice recorder, quick 'snaps', pedometer, take my blood pressure!, use a compass on it, spirit level, metal detector and also carry my numerous 'photography apps' and pdf books with me... the list just goes on and on... etc., etc. I could do all this + a bit more (FM radio) on the GSII but it doesn't hurt the eyes as much having that slightly bigger screen :)
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