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Title: New genaration AF module
Post by: REX (aka TG) on June 14, 2014, 02:11:04 PM
Today I have used the new AF module from a77II. The a99I AF module was one of my favourite and is still. The AF-D is the key for the success. Sony will definitely introduce again the AF-D faction on the coming a99II. I imagine an a6000 AF module plus the a77II AF module.

What I can say until now is:

Now we have Zone 6 zone before 3

Now we have f2. 8(non double cross) in the middle none before

Now we have expand 61 expandable positions of a main sensor and surrounding with min 4 and max 8 helper sensors. None before

First impression seems to be promising but I have to make more test tomorrow and post. What I find, is similar AF performance of A77II and A6000 in wide AF area.

Here is an old post's-next-generation-af-module/msg177992/#msg177992  I have started and find it interesting if you read again what I have written before

Title: Re: New genaration AF module
Post by: Frank [aka Wires] on June 14, 2014, 02:56:00 PM
Interesting Rex - thanks for sharing you starting experience with the a77 MkII and the a6000.

I am holding back for a while to see if they bring out an a99 MkII. I am considering going full frame and am unsure on committing to the present a99 when there is a possibility of a mark 2 model. If there is then I'll wait a short time depending on the reviews and forum member experiences between the two.
Title: Re: New genaration AF module
Post by: REX (aka TG) on June 15, 2014, 07:30:17 AM
Hello Frank, today I and some friends we will go to some sports events (motocross & cars racing), not the best for me to check the AF module for a77II. What I want to photograph is swimming or birds in flight. Anyway maybe next weekend :)

I played a little bit with a77II last night and I can say now that Sony change the terminology of some function's that make me confuse and maybe also other people.

1) First time introduced with a77I (object tracking) just placing the object in the middle of the frame and then press the joy stick in the middle to lock on.
2)Then with a99 they added the option object tracking with shutter press (very good is my favourite) and you can start tracking in any Zone or focus point.
3)With a6000 they call it lock on AF. You can lock on an object with any sensor(contrast AF) or Zone (PDAF) but because the zones on a6000 are big sometimes is difficult to determinate the object but more reliable than the (1) & (2) since I think it use the on sensor information like colore contrast etc.
4)Now with a77II we have both systems in two different function

-Lock on AF with shutter.

You can start tracking the object you have locked with any sensor, Zone or local expand and you can use it like on a6000 in speed priority mode at 12 fps (with a77 & a99) not available in speed priority.

-Centre lock on AF or (on a77 & a99 object tracking)

This one work like on a77I where you have to place the subject in the middle of the frame and activate only with pressing the joystick in the middle and not is speed priority mode at 12 fps

You can not use both system together. When the one is activate the other one is not available.

Which one is the better? Definitely the Lock on AF is more flexible and user friendly and I find it similar to a99 AF-D tracking. The only restriction you have on a99 is the speed priority mode where is not available.

We have 3 different function of Object tracking/lock on AF

A6000, a99 with AF-D and now a combine system but you can use only one.

I will try today with the today events to see the new system on a77II but as I said is not the ideal events to test so lets see tonight when I will be back home