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Forum Posting Rules - READ THIS FIRST
« on: July 03, 2014, 06:18:45 PM »
The forum administrators/moderators are here to assist you with using this forum and to solve any problems you may experience when using Minolta/Sony DSLR, SLT, NEX cameras, film SLR, consumer models, or when taking picture with these cameras. We also encourage you to post your pictures for comment, or simply to share your work. You may contact any administrator or moderator by personal message (PM) at any time.

In order to create and maintain the harmonious and relaxed atmosphere that this forum has become known for, we ask that you follow the guidelines as set out below. Please take the time to read them before posting. If your posts are deemed to not follow these guidelines you will be asked to amend your post accordingly, or a moderator may make the change for you in some circumstances.

Posting Photos in the forum, Challenges and for nomination in the POTM
Please note that the following rules shall be strictly enforced in the monthly challenges and that any photo not in compliance will be deleted without notice. Furthermore, a photo entered in a challenge must not have been entered in a previous challenge in our or any other forum and is ineligible for the current Challenge if also posted in our forum during that same month. See also this post for tips and other information before entering a challenge.
In addition a photo not in compliance shall not be nominated by the moderation team for the Picture of the month (POTM).

Posting Photos – maximum dimensions
Posted photos should be no more than 800 pixels on the longest side. Photos with dimensions more than 800 pixels on the longer side will be automatically shrunk by the forum script, to comply with this requirement. This may result in pixilation and may reduce the apparent sharpness of the image. To avoid this possible problem, simply post images with dimensions inside the 800 pixel limit.

If including more than one picture in a single thread, place a carriage return <enter> between pictures so that they do not appear to be touching.

Posting Photos – maximum file sizes
Please aim for a maximum file size of less than 200kb. We will allow file sizes larger than 200kb as we realise that keeping the size down can be very difficult. However members that consistently post over 400kb may have the [img] tags removed, leaving the link only. A note recommending re-posting the image at a reduced file size may be included at the Moderators discretion. DO NOT re-insert image tags if they are removed by a moderator. We recognize that some photo hosting sites (e.g. Flickr) control the compression rates, making it difficult (but not impossible) to manage the file size. That is the main reason for this change.

Uploading a photo to Flickr at 800 pixels on the longest side and approximately 130KB file size will generally ensure that the photo, when downloaded to this forum, will not greatly exceed 200kb. This of course will depend on the complexity of the photo and is entirely the responsibility of the poster.

Posting photos – how to
Please read the guides on sizing photos and linking them to the forum, found in the Digital Darkroom board. There are a number of helpful threads on how to do this using various software and browsers. Many of them are pinned to the top of the board. If in doubt, ask for help.

Posting Photos – how many
Five photos per post with a limit of 15 photos per thread will be allowed by the original poster.

Note: The definition of a post is one single message either at the start of a thread or each subsequent message, also known as replies, in that same thread.
The definition of a thread is one or more posts consisting of an original post followed by all replies to that post. The original poster is considered to own that thread.
Therefore, the original poster may add additional photos in groups of a maximum of five per post/reply, either immediately following the original post or later in the thread. Others should not post photos in the original posters thread unless the posted photo is relevant to that thread, is meant to illustrate a point or is posted at the original posters invitation/request.

It is requested that this type of multiple posting of photos be kept within reason in order to conserve bandwidth.

Please note that this document is the definitive rules and supersede any others that may be posted elsewhere.
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Re: Forum Posting Rules - READ THIS FIRST
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2014, 06:26:32 PM »
Good manners and simple courtesy are paramount on this site. Heated arguments will not be tolerated, however serious intelligent discussion is encouraged. Flaming another member is considered very poor form and may be deleted, or the member responsible may be banned if he/she persists.

Please refrain from expressing political and religious views (except in the forum titled 'Digital Dynax Diner'.)

Fonts, colour etc.
Readability of the forums is enhanced by using plain fonts such as Arial or Verdana. Please do not use fancy fonts or script fonts. They can be difficult to read and only hinder communication. Use upper and lower case. Using ALL CAPITALS is generally interpreted as shouting, and should be avoided (including in thread titles). If you must use colour, use it sparingly and only for strong emphasis. Do not use coloured text for your entire post.

Clear descriptive subject headings, such as "Help. My pictures are underexposed" will receive more attention than just "Help"

Monthly Challenges
Moderators will initiate monthly challenges. Members may also start their own challenges, providing they clear it with the moderators first. A moderator will assist you if required. Once permission is granted, the rules must be in accordance with these guidelines. Commenting on others photos is forbidden in any thread, as well as in the Challenge thread, as it can lead to the challenge becoming a discussion topic and may influence unfair voting.

New Challenge Rules
The Challenge Threads are initially intended to be submission-only threads. When the submission deadline is reached, the hosting moderator will lock the thread. The Challenge host or Editorial team will then determine the winner. No Voting will take place as it has not worked well in the past. ??? The hosting moderator will unlock the thread and announce the winner at the bottom. Immediately below that we will accept discussions on the entries.
We recognize and expect that all pictures posted on this site are the copyright of the poster. If you wish to post a picture that you do not own the copyright to, you must state that fact and credit the author. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Unacceptable Photographs and/or topics
All photographs or posts considered to be pornographic or that contain illegal content or wording considered offensive, will be deleted. Any member who feels that this rule has been violated should alert a moderator, who will delete the offending post.

Acceptable topics
All Photographic related topics or posts are acceptable providing they do not infringe on the above paragraph. To be more specific, topics asking questions on how to repair a malfunctioning computer, as the computer is an essential photographic tool when post processing, are totally acceptable and should be posted in the General Photography Talk section. However topics on how to repair your Automobile would be considered non-photographic.

Photo critiques
Photos for critique or simply for sharing may be posted in the forum section titled 'Show Your Image's.' Members who wish for specific critique or help with an image, should say so. When asking for advice, please provide a reasonable amount of information about the image. This could be as follows:

    Camera used (and film type and make if non digital camera.)
    Shutter speed.
    Lens used.
    Focal length of lens.
    White Balance setting

This information can be obtained from the Exif data attached to all digital files. More information can be given if the poster feels the need. The above minimum is only required to help the critic make an accurate assessment of the picture.

All photos submitted to this site can be as shot in the camera, or retouched in a photo editor to your heart’s desire. We do ask that you briefly state what retouching you have performed, as a learning tool for others.

Equipment For Sale
Photographic items, or items related to photography, may be offered for sale to members of this forum.

This is not a forum for businesses to post items for sale. If you are a business and have an offer that might be suitable for the forum members, please contact an administrator or moderator with the details before posting in this forum.

The sales area is only available to established members of the community (minimum 25 posts). The Administrators reserve the right to restrict members’ access to the sales area without notice. When posting an item for sale, please follow these basic guidelines:

    Include in the title a brief description of the item.
    Images of the item, posted in accordance with the guidelines, must be included.
    The poster must check his post at regular intervals, to answer member’s questions.
    Items for sale must be your own property.
    Links to good deals you find on eBay or other photo outlets is encouraged (on the external sales sub-board).

You may NOT post an item on this forum if it is posted elsewhere, such as eBay. However, you may link to your own sales on external sites If/when the item is sold, please edit the thread 'subject' with the word 'SOLD' at the beginning. Please also inform a moderator, in order that the thread may be locked.

Any complaints against other members, or the administration team, can be made to the forum administrators or moderators before posting them in a thread. The administration team would rather settle differences behind the scenes via email or pm.

All sales threads are checked before being made visible on the forum. Save yourself time by following these guidelines and avoid having your sale rejected and having to start again. Sales rules are described in more detail here – please read this before starting a sale.

The Administrators and Moderators will not accept responsibility for any problems arising from the sale of equipment.
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Sony A7, A850, A77, A700 || Sony>> 70-300G, 28-75 f2.8 SAM, 16-80CZ, 50 f1.4, FE 28-70 OSS, FE 24-70CZ f4 OSS, LA-EA4 || Minolta>> 300 f4 G HS, 200 f2.8 G HS, 100 f2.8 (D) Macro, 50 f1.7, 28 f2.8, 28-135 f4-4.5, 70-210 f4, 500 f8 Reflex, TC x 1.4 HS, TC x 2 HS. || Sigma 21-35 f3.5-4.2. || Tamron SP 24-135.