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Title: Workflow Strategies
Post by: laughingbear on February 23, 2010, 10:31:34 PM
Greetings from Ireland,

I live on the NW Atlantic and obviously share your interest in photography. I used to shoot with a variety of cameras, but fell in love with the alpha 900 system and in deed it became my walk around-never leave house without DSLR. 

alpha900, Zeiss 135


phase one p45+, Mamiya 80mm


Alpha900, Zeiss 24-70

Having looked briefly over your fora, I stumbled across your monthly challenge, which has the theme orange for february.

I thought this to be interesting and started looking through some files.

Alpha 900, Zeiss 135 @ flippin F/1.8 <grins>

... when the old voice and guilt in the back of my head  came up nagging again.... shhhh, remember WORKFLOW.... <grins>

So I decided I will finally get that together, fully aware that this is not a weekend task, but rather lengthy and elaborate task ahead, dealing in my case with excess of 30,000 files, different cameras, different lenses and so on.

Over time I will just write down my findings here, and by all means, feel free to share your findings!

I write from the perspective of a nature photographer, in opposite to street, events, wedding, I do not deal with high volume turnover, os this will be left out. Also, i work on macintosh, but the principles are the same on PC.

I did start all that before, and did not finish it, other stuff came up, so I will have to start from scratch, finding a proper working structure to stick with. I read books about it, and there are many approaches, many possible ways to solve the same problem.

The Basis Equipment:

- MacPro
- Macbook Pro
- Epson 3800
- Epson 11880

- Capture one
- Lightroom
- Photoshpo CS3
- Gigapano
- a set of more specialized tools

- one brain
- one dog (makes sure I need not to be surgically removed from my Mac by reminding me to walk him)
- not enough time


- Reduce time consuming and redundant jobs, gain more time for shooting and creative postprocessing.
- Data Safety

.... well, it's a start...