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Title: Sorry, but !!!!!!!!!!
Post by: Badhands on December 29, 2014, 04:36:53 AM
I am so sorry as I am sure this has been asked more than one time.
I am having trouble in post a photo to here.
I don't have photo accounts anywhere, so I have to upload them straight from my laptop.
So if anyone out there knows how I go about this can you please let me know.
As I have had a few tries and failed badly.
Again sorry about asking this question again.
Title: Re: Sorry, but !!!!!!!!!!
Post by: Faldrax on December 30, 2014, 10:10:21 PM
Hi, it is not possible to post images directly to the forum, you need to upload it to somewhere on the net first, then link to it.

You can use any of the popular free hosting sites (suchg as Flikr), or your own website.

Once you have the images uploaded somewhere, you then use a link to display it on the forum - put the link between [ IMG ] tags.

There should be a number of posts on details of this in the Diner or General Site sections, the question gets asked every few months :)
Title: Re: Sorry, but !!!!!!!!!!
Post by: AScot on January 02, 2015, 02:30:53 AM
Badhands, if you follow my instructions, I will show you how to download a photo from my flickr account.

1) Click this link to go to my flickr. Here. (
2) click on the centre of any photo and it will come up on it's own.
3) At the bottom right side of the photo you will see four icons, click the third. (It looks like an arrow pointing right.)
4) A small window will open. click BBCode
5) in the box immediately below, click on the arrow at the right side. This will give the available photo sizes. Choose the medium 641 x 800 size and click it.
6) in the box below you will see the code you require highlighted. copy it.
7) Paste the code into your post/reply. Click preview just below your post/reply and the photo will appear.
8 ) add any text you may want and click post.

That's it. It may seem rather long winded but it soon becomes second nature. There are some minor modifications to the code that you can make to remove the obligatory advertising that flickr adds. If you successfully add a photo, I will show you how to remove that code.