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News and query regarding digital asset management
« on: April 19, 2016, 06:24:13 PM »
Hello everyone;
Its been a while since I have come to the forum. After intensive traveling last year (Myanmar, Maryland, Corsica, Ireland, Japan and metropolitan France - where I live; all pictures are on Flickr -, I’ve been taking it easy since the new year. I took the opportunity to send my A900 (back up camera) and A99 in for check up with Sony Service in France. The A900 came back with a cleaned sensor at no cost and the A99 needed repairs (the front and back setting wheels had to be changed because they had grown tight and the soft black fake leather plastic cover needed to be replaced because it was unglued and scratched (the A99 is my work horse and I probably have taken circa 80,000 frames with it). It set me back €260 which isn’t bad given how much I love this camera but what really infuriated me is that it took more than two weeks for Sony to get the spare parts and only 24 hours to fix it. If Sony really wants to compete against Canon and Nikon, they have to improve on after sales service and get the new A99II or whatever into production !

Also, I have learned to use Capture One - and frankly love the RAW conversion. But, I still have to find a replacement for Aperture - which I use intensively for Digital Asset Management (DAM), Geolocation, Key-wording and Slide Shows - as Capture One is still not at par with Aperture. I have opted NOT to use Adobe tools and was wondering if anyone has another DAM package to recommend ?

Next trip is Puglia (Italy) in two weeks time to be followed by a Mont Blanc Jaguar car rally and, hopefully, Northern India and Bhutan later this year… Pictures will be on flickr and I’ll mention it here.

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