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Index: Tips for using Photoshop & Elements.
« on: March 29, 2008, 06:23:01 AM »
Photoshop Tips Index.
First of all, thank you to all author's who have contributed their invaluable tips. A special thank you must go to Dr. Stef..... A teacher based in London, UK Vancouver, BC, Canada. without whom this compendium would not have been possible.

Most of these tips will work in Adobe Elements, however we offer no guarantee. They may also work in a similar way in other photographic editing programs, but as I am sure you can all appreciate, it is very difficult to check these programs without actually owning them all.

These tips are provided by the author's to assist you in improving your photographs. Please feel free to copy them for your own private use, however please do not reproduce them in any way, commercial or otherwise, without first obtaining authorization from the author's.

Finally, I have placed these tips under categories that I felt were appropriate. If anyone can offer advice that will improve the index, or information on whether a tip works with a certain program or not, please PM the list mom, I mean me (AScot) and I will make the change or incorporate the information into the Notes.

General Tips..Tips that do not fall into specific categories.
Use two windows when editing (Gazraa)..You use one zoomed out while working on the other.
Creating Borders (Stef)    
Simple Borders in Photoshop (Gazraa)

Add snow to your images (minolta mad)..Play around with the eraser for a better effect.
Fast way to remove Sensor Dust using Camera Raw (Stef)
Keeping the Raw Files until the very last minute (Stef)
Remedy haze after shooting through glass/Improve mid tone contrast (Stef)..Simulating a Cir. polarizer.
Size Photos for the Internet. (AScot)..This will keep the moderators off your rear end. :D
Size Photos for the Internet and keep your exif data embedded. (AScot)..See warning NOTE in tip.
Batch resizing in CS# (Marked)..Use 800 x 531.9 ratio on originals for web. No need to copy the originals.
Lightroom. Plugins for (Gazraa)..Allows direct exporting to flickr, add borders, text Etc.
How to Display a 100% Image Crop (minolta mad)..An excellent tutorial on a complex subject.
Actions. How to save (various)..Avoid rewriting the action if you have to format/reload your system.
Printer Settings. (Stef)..For Epson, Canon and some HP printers.
Tethered Shooting and Import. (Stef)..Not strictly a darkroom technique but it uses bridge, so qualifies. :D
Actions. How to record (Stef)..An action is a set of repetitive steps that can be recorded in real time,
                                          saved then played back later on other photographs.

Black and White Conversions
Black and White without the channel mixer (stef)
Quick and effective conversion to black and white (Stef)..This method will preserve highlight details.
CS3: Black and White converter (Stef)..possibly for Photoshop CS3 Only.
Using the B&W filter in CS3 (springtide)..possibly for Photoshop CS3 Only.
One of Stef's favourites, with a Variation (So it must be good) (Stef)

Sharpening Methods..Sharpening should normally be done just prior to saving/resizing your image.
Simple and quick (doctorwho)
Arguably the best there is (stef)..Sharpening in lab mode.
Edge Sharpening in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom (Stef)
Three Step Sharpening (Stef)..Capture sharpening/Creative sharpening and Output sharpening.
Sharpening. another method. (Stef)..It works wonders on eyes in portraits!
Sharpening (Stef)..Again brilliant for out of focus eyes
Improve Edge Sharpness (Stef)..Great one to try!

Portraits. Retouching
Skin. Smoothing (stef)..This could save your marriage!
Skin. Smoothing II (stef)..Works wonders!
Skin. Anti-wrinkle treatment (stef)..This tip also includes a method on how to remove shiny areas.
Skin. Removing blemishes (Stef)..This will save your marriage!
Teeth. Whiten (Stef)..Reduces dental bill's.
Eyes. Beautify (Stef)..Addresses colour change, red eye removal, intensity of whites and pupil darkening.
Eyes. Adding catch Lights (Stef)..Step 7 of this tutorial is brilliant.
Eyes. Red Eye Removal (Stef)..This one is the cat's whiskers of red eye removal.
Beauty Tip Using Camera RAW (Stef)..How to smooth skin blemishes with the help of Camera RAW

Using Tools
History Brush (Stef)
Dodging and Burning (Stef)..Part 1a of this tip touches on the art of Dodging and Burning.
Dodging and Burning, Non destructive. (springtide)..Easy to undo mistakes with this method.
Sampling Colors with the colour picker (Stef)..Good one- ey?

Removing Colour Casts And General Colour Correction
Two methods to remove colour casts (Stef)..Which one works best depends on your image. Try both.
Levels and Curves. The best settings (Stef)..Ensure detail in shadows and highlights and set grey levels.
Colour Boost. (Stef)..Working in LAB colour is best.
Colour Boost II. (Stef)..Colour Balance works wonders.

Using Text
Clippings Masks, or How to put an image in your type/t-shirt/car design (Stef)..For all Versions of PS.
Add your signature to your image (Stef)..Very neat method and has a variation.
Quick copyright stamp (Clive)..It works in Elements 3+ and probably in CS3 and 4.
Adding see through Copyright information to your photo (AScot)..You could make an Action or Brush of this tip.
Making a see through Copyright Brush stamp (AScot)..Use this Brush Stamp to automate your copyrighting.

Correcting Under/Over Exposed Images
A quick, but good fix (Stef)..When you do not have a RAW image.
Reducing noise (Stef)
Noise Issues-and how to deal with them (Stef)..Sensor, High ISO, Underexposure, Heat, Digital & JPEG artifacts.
Blown out Highlights (Stef)..Rescuing blown out highlights - especially when shooting Jpegs.
Blown Out Highlights #2 (Stef)..This is an advanced tip to experiment with!
Correcting an Underexposed Image (Stef)..Another method to try.

Image Effects
Lithography effect (Stef)
Duotones, Tritones, Quadtones (Stef)
Very quick way to tone your images (Stef)
Toning the "correct" way: colour balance (Stef)
Faking Infrared (Stef)..Two methods given. By channel mixer or a black and white adjustment layer.
Faking Infrared #3 (Stef)..Using channel mixer with a slight twist.
Faking Infrared #4 (Stef)..A new method.
Hand coloring, with modifications (Stef)..This procedure can also be used to remove red eye.
Filter simulation. Neutral density gradient . (Stef)..The only way to go if you forgot to use the filter.
Filters. How to emulate (Stef)..Option I-using Lee filters. Option II-No filters. Method For Advanced Users.
High contrast and slightly cross-processed look (Stef)..This can be effective in fashion shots or for fun.
Contrast boost (Stef)..This is very easy and always worth a try.
Macro Shot with great depth (Stef)..By shooting multiple images and combining them.
Replicate a tilt-and-shift lens (Stef)..Will also make a scene look like it is a model.
How to apply texture to an image. (Stef)..It helps if you have, or shoot, you're own image bank.
Merging Multiple Exposures using Layers (Springtide)..An Excellent article, a must read.
Gradient Map toning (Stef)
Polarizing Effect (Stef)..A very neat effect to simulate a polarizing filter.
Aging image effect (Stef)..Does not suit all images, although it works well for landscapes.
How to make large prints- or how to upsize an image (Stef)
Stacking Images or Increasing depth of field (Stef)..Click here to see Stef's example of this wonderful effect.

Image Adjustments
Contrast/Levels/ Curves adjustments (Stef)..A superb new tip.
Levels adjustments (Stef)..A useful little tip that's not often documented.
Sloppy Horizon? (Stef)..This will straighten all those horizons that we often see running down hill.
Cropping. The best aspect ratio? (various)..Discussion, with poll, on what aspect to choose.
Cropping #2 (Stef)..The basics of cropping.
Correct barrel-distortion (Stef)..Works in PS-7 and later.
Clean up a studio background (Stef)..Use 'Replace Colour'. Also change the background color completely.
Adding Contrast (Stef)..Stef promises that "this is a very neat one!" And of course she is correct.
Blur a background (Stef)..How to throw something out of focus in the background.
Drawing attention to your subject. (Stef)..Works wonders with portraits, flowers and animals.
Photomerge. (DonSchap)..To remove unsightly obstructions from your images.
Colour range, and how to use it. (Stef)..Remove noise from shadows, Darken Highlights Etc. Very versatile.
How to apply partial noise reduction. (Stef)..Don't forget to sharpen afterwords, see Here.
Fine tuning a landscape – Part one (dominicall).....Preamble and Analysis of the Raw file.
Fine tuning a landscape – Part Two (dominicall)....Dealing with the Chromatic Aberrations.
Fine tuning a landscape – Part Three (dominicall)..Fixing the Dynamic Range.
Fine tuning a landscape – Part Four (dominicall)....Cropping for Composition.
Add some blue to the sky (Tom F)..From Popular Photography.
Removing Noise. (Stef)..For noise or also for uneven skin (i.e. pimpels, wrinkles).
Getting rid of noise. (Stef)..Another method...not so straight forward.
Getting rid of noise in post-production. (Stef)..Much better than turning in-camera noise reduction on.
Making selections with the help of channels. (Stef)..Makes you life definitely easier
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