Author Topic: i found today that sharpening does not always add to an image  (Read 1970 times)

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 i was playing with one of my fotos for the contest and found that in the submited size (about 20% of original) all sharpening did was loose the bokeh  that the image had but when opened up to about 60-70% it helps alot

i found this interesting has anyone else noticed this before?
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Re: i found today that sharpening does not always add to an image
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Doctore- sharpening is one of the most complex techniques in any post-processing program and unfortunately quite often leads people to ruin their originally good shots! It needs to be done with great care and depends on te size or better the final product. Sharpening for web is different than for a 6 by 4 print which is different again from printing huge! Have a looks at the darkroom tips and just give them a try. Make sure you look at your image at 100% when sharpening!
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