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How to Display a 100% Image Crop
« on: October 20, 2008, 09:16:19 PM »
100 % image crops

This is a tutorial to help guide you through the steps needed to produce a ‘so called’ 100% crop of your image. In effect we are trying to display a particular part of an image at actual size (or as close as possible to what the camera sensor captures at the pixel level). This is often wrongly described as a 100% crop. However, for the purpose of this tutorial, a 100% crop is how we shall refer to it.

The main reason why a 100% crop is used is to show the detail in a small part of an image. We most often do this to demonstrate the sharpness of a correctly focused lens or to compare the sharpness of two different lenses. This sharpness is most evident when viewed at actual size (100%).

First, open your chosen image in Photoshop or Elements and click the magnifying glass symbol (shown) or optionally the Hand tool. Next click the actual size option at the top of the screen 1. Do not click option 2 or 3.

You now have your image displayed at 100% on your screen, as shown below.
Use the hand tool to move around your image and display the general area you wish to crop.
Now use the Crop tool (as shown), or the Marquee tool, to select your desired crop. The crop tool is the most used tool and some may find it the easiest.

The image below shows the area to be cropped. (Ensure that it is less than 800pixels on the longest side). Click the tick button (shown) to complete your crop.

In Elements, initially the image will not look like the selection you have made, you need to click the ‘fit to screen’ button and the image will then be what you selected.

This is your 100% crop.

All you need to do now is to ensure that your 100% crop is within the maximum sizes for posting in this forum. Do not resize the pixel count of the 100% crop as this will invalidate the crop, resize only the file size. Now you are ready to upload your crop to a hosting site prior to loading it onto the forum.

For the forum rules regarding file sizes See Here

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