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Title: "3-D" text
Post by: Clive on December 23, 2009, 03:02:07 AM
John (chappo1) asked about "3-D" text. I use Photoshop Elements and here is how it is done. All you need to do is add a shadow to the text and also a "bevel" if you desire. (The new class of graphic artists apparently does not like "beveled" text. Whatever. ;) )

Sorry .. I knew this too  :-[ ... pale greens and blues don't upload worth a server reduces the quality and the text is crappy. (Had already done these screen captures when I remembered that...)

Type text and, in the "effects" panel, add a shadow of your choice. There are several options.

Then select the "bevels" panel and pick a bevel that seems to work. If you don't like one, then try another. If you don't like anything you have done, right click on the active text window and select "Clear layer style" and the shadow and bevel will disappear.

This just shows the various stages and includes a final panel of "warped text."

Edit: Here is how to find all of those text (object) effects.

Title: Re: "3-D" text
Post by: chappo1 on December 23, 2009, 04:18:31 AM
Clive thanks for the instruction.  Because I detest watermarks on images, I have never really explored photoshop text. When I saw your card I thought hey that is neat on a card.   If it is elements it will be in CS4 so I have some holiday homework to do.....john